Philadelphia Museum of Art Visit:

18 01 2012
Morton Livingston Schamberg (1881-1918)

"Painting VIII Mechanical Abtraction", Morton Livingston Schamberg (1881-1918)

I had not heard of Schamberg before seeing this painting. This NY times article shed some light on his person.

From the PMA

From the PMA

From the PMA

From the PMA

From: Modern Mechanix (March 1931)

From: Modern Mechanix (March 1931)

This is a fantastic image from an article in the late “Modern Mechanix” Magazine. View the entire article here: Modern Mechanix. I believe things come into our lives with the potential to be as equally good as bad; It’s just a matter of how we choose to use them.

The Venus Project

The Venus Project

Perhaps a bit utopian but, certainly, Jauque Fresco has designed a world I’d like for my family. If your interested in his ideas I suggest reading his book, “The Best That Money Can’t Buy”




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